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Navigate U.S. University Admissions with a Proven Expert

Let Ed Barr, a 30-year Carnegie Mellon veteran and admissions authority, guide you to success at America’s elite universities.

University admissions are more competitive than ever. Now you can get one-on-one support and instruction from Ed Barr, a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the top universities in the USA. Professor Barr has served on the admissions panel for the Bachelor of Science in Computational Finance program and worked as an Executive Coach for the Tepper School of Business. His career in marketing and international business, including his role as Chief Marketing Officer for the CMU startup iCarnegie, combined with his decades of experience as a university insider, make him uniquely qualified to help you win your admission.

Discover why his students consistently outperform their competition and come to think of Ed as a friend and mentor for life.

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What My Students Say

“Ed is a forward-thinker, dedicating to his career with enthusiasm and wisdom. I took his writing class at Carnegie Mellon...Ed is not only our teacher, but also a life-long friend and advisor.He loves his students.”

Weiru Shi.

“LOVE PROFESSOR BARR! He is, by far, one of the BEST Professors I ever had. He is engaging, funny, and charismatic. He is very nice, helps you learn, is hilarious, and makes himself available to the students. I even felt comfortable asking him for personal career advice.”

“Ed combines all of the written English skills with the important soft skills, particularly communication, as I said before. I emphasize this because not many professors explain these concepts as nicely as he does. He is very patient and organized. He explains everything step by step, and works hard to make you understand everything...He is such a friendly and helpful teacher...I recommend him.”

Kinnari Shah

The reason I feel Ed is such a successful advisor is because he knows his audience very well. His classes are so easy to connect to which makes the learning all the more effortless! His experience and knowledge amazes me and is evident by the quality books that he has written.

“It has been a great experience and I look forward to learning more from him in the time to come. To anybody who seeks assistance in any form of Professional Communication, Ed is the maestro and I highly recommend him!”

Aradhya Tarigopulla

"Being a Chief Marketing Officer and a teacher of business communication surely shows how Ed is a person who can get the right message across. This point is proven more through the books he has authored. I do recommend Ed for any team who is seeking an added value member especially in communication and strategy consultations as he is an expert in these fields."

Abdulaziz Alohali

“Ed Barr knows his stuff and engages his work and people around him with passion and a sense of purpose. I am a better professional and person from having known and worked with him.”

Hampton Conway III

"Ed is aptly described by the words exuberance and professional excellence...Ed has a deep understanding of different cultures. His understanding has deeply impacted me and helped me react to them appropriately."

"He is also a very helpful person. He is always ready to take time out of his busy schedule and help students. His positive attitude inculcates strong confidence in students. Although Edward's class was a video class in which he took the class from Pittsburgh for his students in Adelaide, he enjoyed full attention from all the students. In my experience, very few people are able to grab such attention from students in a video class. Edward does this easily because of his excellent sense of humor and presence of mind. I am honored to write a recommendation for him and I am glad that I know him as a person."

Tania Gasdupta