Are You Kinetic?

Are You Kinetic?

Are you peppy, lively, animated, energetic, a real ball of fire? If so, I’ll call you KINETIC, or Kenneth, “born of fire.”

Do you have energy?  If so, I’ll call you ERG, a unit of energy, an ENERGETIC PERSON.  Hello, ERG!

Do you have ENTHUSIASM, spirit? If so, I say you are WITH GOD (however you define your god). Then, I’ll call you THEO, from the Greek word for god, theos.

We gravitate to people who have these qualities, people who are KINETIC, ENERGETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC, especially if we don’t have them ourselves.

How important is ENTHUSIASM? College students rate faculty on course evaluations for their enthusiasm for teaching. If the teaching faculty student scores are too low ON ENTHUSIASM, the teaching faculty contract is NOT renewed. The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek enthousiasmos, meaning “inspiration or possession by a god.” Possessed by a god!  Imagine!

KINETIC comes from the Greek word kinētikos, meaning OF MOTION, on fire. We know that organisms that don’t move don’t survive in life. They don’t survive in companies, either.

The ERG is a UNIT OF ENERGY equal to 10−7 joules (100 nJ). Joule also relates to energy.  Its definition includes the term “WORK.” All three words – kinetic, erg and enthusiasm – find their way into the world of work.

These three words – kinetic, erg and enthusiasm – are essentially about POWER.  If you have ENERGY, you are also likely to have POWER, the power to motivate, to make things happen, to accomplish, to, as they say, GET THINGS DONE.

WE ALL HAVE ENERGY to some degree; or, we wouldn’t exist.  WE ALL HAVE POWER to some degree. PLUG INTO the source that gives you energy.  RAMP UP your energy level. Strive to have the people around you describe you as KINETIC, ENTHUSIASTIC and ENERGETIC.  Let your SUPERHERO NAME be ERG, UNIT OF ENERGY!

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